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A Barbecue Hamburger Recipe for a BBQ hamburger that does not have to be grilled

Is a barbecue hamburger recipe also a grilled one?

I always thought barbecue and grilling meant the same thing. In some parts of the world (like mine), that is indeed true. A barbecue is an outdoor dining experience involving the open grill or a barbecue pit.

What I found out was that barbecue and grilling are 2 distinct cooking methods. One is slow and the other is quick. No prize guessing which one is the slow method.

In a traditional barbecue, tough cuts like brisket, ribs and shank are cooked slowly around dry heat to break down tough sinews. The meat cuts are seasoned with dry rubs or marinated in liquid marinates. Often, sauces are created to go with the cooked meat to enhance its flavour. This is most commonly called the barbecue sauce.

It is quite clear that the hamburger using ground beef does not require any slow cooking. So, it is the barbecue flavour that we are trying to get. There are 2 ways to get the flavour:

  1. Pair a grilled hamburger with an outstanding barbecue sauce
  2. Mix a little barbecue sauce into the ground beef patties

Whichever way you decide to go, a really nice barbecue sauce is a must. Now, I hope you agree with me that barbecue sauces from the supermarkets are anything but outstanding.

So, let's try to make a homemade barbecue sauce to go with this grilled hamburger recipe. Or try this sweet and tangy BBQ sauce recipe from The Kitchn.

Really don't fancy making your own? Then try these natural and organic sauces.

Bourbon Molasses Barbecue Sauce
This barbecue sauce by Stonewall Kitchen contains all-natural ingredients such as bourbon, molasses, tomato paste, brown sugar and honey, along with just the right blend of spices. Each bottle contains 11 fl. oz. or 330ml.

Honey Bunny Barbecue Sauce
This Organic Honey Garlic barbecue sauce by Honey Bunny contains Organic Honey, Water, Organic Sugar, Organic Chicken Stock, Organic Vinegar, Organic Cornstarch, Organic Garlic, Salt, Xanthan Gum, Organic Liquid Caramel, Color Sethness OC90. 21 ounce pack.

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