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Where Is The Best Burger In Chicago?

The question of the best burger in Chicago depends on whom you ask and what burger joint they may have just walked out of.

Chicago is usually associated with pizza when the dining scene comes to mind but Chicagoans take their burgers just as seriously.

Chicago was chosen by USA Today as the best place in Illinois to get a mouth-watering burger.

Here are a couple of joints that served what some considered Chicago's best burgers.

Kuma's Corner

The Avondale neighborhood bar called Kuma’s Corner is the place to find the best burger in Chicago. The "Famous Kuma Burger" is served with bacon cheese and a fried egg on a pretzel roll.

I think it was chosen because it isn't your traditional burger. Pretzel roll?

Kuma Burger
Kuma pretzel burger

Consumers like to be surprised with a new spin to an old favorite. That's not saying that this pretzel burger isn't tasty. I haven't eaten it so I can't say. If you had, do share your experience.

Billy Goat Tavern


The more traditional burger can be found at the Billy Goat Tavern made famous by John Belushi in several Saturday Night skits with this line: "Cheezborger, Cheezborger!"

The Billy Goat was also the favorite haunt of newspapermen with the most notable being the late and great Mike Royko who mentioned the Billy Goat Tavern in several of his columns.

The Original Billy Goat is located under Michigan Ave across from the Tribune building. Do not expect to be pampered; it is a bare-bones establishment that serves cheap, greasy, but delicious burgers.

Murphy's Bleachers

Chicago Cubs fans usually head over to Murphy's Bleachers outside Wrigley Field's right field wall where they can get the half-pound "Murphy's Famous Burger" for 8.50.

Murphy's Bleachers is a fairly good size bar with huge crowds on game days that spill out onto the sidewalks and small beer garden attached to the bar. Expect long lines to sample a burger.

Hop Haus

Another contender for best burger is the Hop Haus with two locations that offer over 20 different gourmet burgers and 32 different brews. The Hop Haus pairs their burgers with different brews. Customers get a wide range of common and not so common toppings for their burgers and a choice over 20 different kinds of cheese.

Hop Haus

DMK Burger Bar Restaurant

The DMK Burger Bar restaurant's claim to fame is that they only serve grass-fed beef. DMK was proclaimed one of the top ten new burger joints by a leading food magazine. DMK Burger Bar is a very casual place where diners mingle together with the tables lined up close next to each other.

Dmk Burger Bar

Finding your favorite burger in Chicago can be a tasty challenge. You may not agree with the places mentioned here as serving the "Best Burger in Chicago". Then, I hope you will share your picks with me.

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