Where Is The Best Fast Food Burger?

Where is the best fast food burger? I know I'll never get anyone to agree to the same burger chain. But it is still fun to ask.

Even though we complain that fast food makes us fat and is terribly unhealthy, they still have a place in our society.


Because there are times when you want to celebrate with a big fat juicy burger and nothing else.

It is a great place to hang out with your kids. I know, fast food isn't healthy for kids but it is mostly child-friendly with its playground and colourful furniture. I remember my dad taking us out for a hamburger at Macdonald's; letting us look at the menu and ordering our food ourselves. It was an adventure and we had a blast.

A burger joint is also a great hang out with friends. To let go and be silly. Eating food with your hands and throw decorum out the window. How many birthdays did you celebrate at a fast food place?

Where are your favorite burger places? What do you consider to be the best fast food burger?

Wendy's, White Castle, Krystals, Carl's Jr, Burger King, Five guys, In N Out or some new kids on the block?

Do you agree with Zagat's Fast Food Burger Survey 2012?

Top of Best Fast Food Burger

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