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This photo has nothing to do with this page. I just like it. :-)

This photo has nothing to do with this page. I just like it. :-)

The wonderful burger original style is one of the most tasty and interesting dishes you can cook. Many people fail to realize that, in fact, it can also be a healthy option, too.

Careful cooking and sensible use of ingredients means that the fat can easily be removed - particularly so when the burger is broiled slowly on a low heat in a skillet - meaning that the burger you end up with is a lean and tasty one.

The burger has been with us for a long time now and is considered an American dish, yet it has its origins in Germany. The name 'hamburger' refers to the city of Hamburg, in Germany, from where the idea was brought to America by sailors who had visited the port. The earliest incarnation of the burger is known to have been seen in America in the 1820's - it really is a well established dish!

Of course, the burger original style is a beef dish, yet during its lifetime the use of pork, turkey and many other meats - and vegetarian versions - has become commonplace. The original burger, however, remains true to the 'Hamburg steak' that first arrived in the USA almost 200 years ago.

Lean, tasty beef with onions - finely cut and juicy - packed and shaped into the familiar burger style and cooked slowly on a low heat is the classic burger, and there is little to beat the taste that it brings to the table.

Served in a bun or in gravy, with fries or a vegetable side plate, it is simply one of the easiest, quickest and most affordable dishes to cook, and once you have your own burger original recipe - perhaps with a touch of herbs or spices for added flavor - you have a family favorite that will remain a staple dish for generations to come.

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