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Deborah Krasner the popular author of cookbooks, has recently written the cookbook
Good Meat, and in that she feels the ideal form of having a burger as your dinner, would be to avoid the bun and nicely singe it with salt. Here is how you go about it.

This is an all time favorite, and it is a Beef Burger which is salt-seared and grass-fed served on Arugula and accompanied with red wine and slices of tomatoes. You will need a tomato, a pound of ground meat which is 85 percent grass-fed, reduction sauce and arugula measuring two cups.

There are quite a few advantages of meats which are pastured and grass-fed, as they not only benefit your health but they are good for the well-being of our planet as well. The only challenge you will face is that beef which is totally grass-fed will be quite lean and so you can go for this beef which has a ratio of 85 percent of meat-to-fat. This beef would be ideal as long as you do not exceed medium rare. Here is a good technique for making this dish.

The meat which is ground has to be brought to the temperature of the room which will take around 20 minutes. If it has water, dab it with a paper towel. Make thick patties and you should be able to get four from a pound. Sweet onion which is chopped finely and some parsley can be added if you prefer the taste. Dimple the patty on top so that is does not shrink that much. Now just leave the raw patties on a platter while you get the pan heated.

Choose a pan which is of cast-iron and has been seasoned well with use, and it will have a shiny coat of the absorbed oil. Turn on your stove to full heat and place this pan empty on top. Now put one spoon of sea salt which is coarse. When you hear the salt popping, place your burger in the pan with dimple facing up.

Continue to keep the heat at the highest and it will get a bit smoky so switch on your exhaust fan or keep the window open. You need to cook it for a maximum of four minutes and you should not try to flatten or fork the meat. When you find the side is no longer sticking, turn it over and let this side cook for three minutes. After it is done take it on to a plate and start preparing your reduction sauce.

Take a quarter cup of good quality red wine and pour it in the pan. Keep stirring with a spatula of wood, to integrate all the bits which are browned in the pan. Bubbling furiously the wine is going to reduce to about a tablespoon quite fast as the water and alcohol start to steam. Now take down the pan from the stove.

Take arugula and cover the full plate with it, and moisten it with good quality olive oil. Place the burger which is warm on top and sprinkle the reduction of red wine which you just prepared. Slices of tomatoes can be added and now you have a great dish of burger with healthy meat for dinner.

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