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You might wanna skip the bacon, though. ;-)

You might wanna skip the bacon, though. ;-)

One of the most frequent concerns with making burgers is that regarding the number of calories hamburger recipes contain. In truth, a hamburger can be a healthy meal, but it needs to be created and cooked properly and in the best possible fashion.

The use of quality lean ground beef is the key to watching the calories, as is the overall size of the burger itself and the added ingredients that you choose to include.

Let's assume a standard sized regular burger, one made from lean quality meat, and have a look at the calories involved.

Taking our burger as being served in a bun, we will start with the bun itself - this could be one of the main constituents in the calorie count, and could - on average - run to around 150 calories. When you consider this you may wish to serve your burger without a bun - perhaps with a side salad - as a more healthy alternative.

With finely chopped onion adding a further 10 calories and other traditional vegetables - lettuce and tomatoes - perhaps another 25 we have 185 calories before adding the burger itself.

This is where you may be surprised, for a well cooked burger - cook it slowly in a skillet on a low heat, and skim off the fat as it emerges from the mixture - may measure between 200 to 250 calories. When all is taken into consideration that is not the vast amount that many will be expecting.

Reducing that level further by using alternatives such as chicken or turkey is an option, but that loses the basic attraction of the hamburger meat.

It is clear, then, that serving a burger without a bun makes it a quite surprisingly healthy option; the number of calories hamburger dishes can add to your diet need not be the colossal amount that we often assume it to be.

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