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Worried about the calories in hamburger recipes?

The calories in hamburger recipes is a cause of concern for many people even those who love burgers.

Ground beef, the main principal ingredient in quality burgers, is a rich meat that provide a considerable amount of calories in a single helping.

Of course this depends on how big the serving is and the way it is cooked.

If you grill your hamburger, you are choosing possibly the lowest fat method of cooking. Grilling is not as fatty as frying and, as a result, reduces the calorie count.

That doesn't mean that a fried hamburger is excessive in fat. If you choose a leaner cut, it compensates for the frying oil.

As a guideline, a standard sized hamburger made from lean quality meat has around 280 calories where approximately 120 coming from the fat. Reducing that fat content further and you will reduce the calories in your chosen hamburger.

Calories In A Burger

A hamburger can be part of a relatively healthy meal, and if done properly will provide a hearty and satisfying meal. The way to make sure that your recipe is as healthy as possible is to keep the size of the burger in sensible portion, especially in comparison to the rest of the ingredients.

How much calories a hamburger has, is therefore, dependent on the type of meat you use, how you cook it and the size of the patty concerned.

Having said that, not everybody have time to make their own hamburgers, especially for lunch. Working adults are normally faced with short lunch periods. Thirty minutes is the average break while one hour for lunch during the work day is a luxury. Pressed for time, many people find themselves visiting fast food establishments. This is also true for high school students. Unfortunately, time constraints often cause people to compromise their diets.

Fast food restaurants offer a whole range of burgers.Several fast-food favorites have had their burgers ranked from best to worst according to calorie and fat content. Here are the results according to such studies for hamburgers and cheeseburgers:

Wendy's Jr. Hamburger 230 calories, 8 gram fat
Carl's Jr. Kid's Hamburger 230 calories, 10 gram fat
McDonald's Hamburger 250 calories, 9 gram fat
Burger King Hamburger260 calories, 11 gram fat
Sonic Jr. Burger310 calories, 15 gram fat

One quick way to further reduce the calories is to leave the cheese out. Cheese adds extra fat and calories. Opt for a hamburger rather than a cheeseburger or request a favorite style be made without the cheese.

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