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Cheeseburger Recipes

Cheeseburger recipes come not only in burger form but also as a signature flavour for other dishes like casseroles, meatloaf, pies and soups.

It goes to show how much North Americans love their cheeseburgers.

Cheeseburger is basically a hamburger with cheese as one of the main ingredients. All things being equal, its nutritional value and calorie count varies and depends on the type of cheese used.


According to some food history books, cheeseburgers were first made in the 1920s by Lionel C. Sternberger. Adding cheese to the hamburger was a brilliant idea. It might have started with simply placing a piece of American cheese over the patty before serving. But the idea has grown and seems to have a life of its own.

Here are some great ideas to enjoy cheese in your burger.

  1. Replace the American cheese with European and other gourmet or exotic cheeses.
  2. Make a cheese sauce and pour it over the patty. Add mushrooms to the sauce.

  3. Stuff the inside of the patty with cheese. Soft cheese is best for stuffing. Brie gives any cheeseburger a fine, delicate flavor. Goat cheese has a very strong flavor, and is wonderful when folded into a rich, fatty meat that is grilled over charcoal. The smokey flavor of the beef will be offset by the richness of the cheese to give your cheeseburger a sophisticated taste.
  4. Replace the beef with chicken, turkey, lamb or vegetables. Brie pairs well with chicken and turkey.

All this talk about cheeseburger is making me hungry. Let's make some with these cheeseburger recipes!


  1. Basic cheeseburger recipe
  2. Baked hamburger stuffed with cheese
  3. Blue cheese burger


  1. Bacon cheeseburger soup
  2. Chowder
  3. Soup

Pies and Pizzas

  1. Lasagne
  2. Spuds
  3. Pie with homemade crust and Pie with bisquick crust
  4. Pizza

Before you go and make yourself a cheeseburger, think about this: What does adding a piece of cheese on a beef patty do to a burger? What makes it more desirable?

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