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Ground Chicken Burger, Healthy and Guilt-free

Using lean chicken breast, this ground chicken burger is low-fat and healthy.

Don't worry that it is going to be bland and tasteless. Not with brown mushrooms and onions in the mix.

    2 chicken breasts, boned and skinned
    Half a medium sized onion
    4 large brown mushrooms
    1 egg
    2 tablespoons panko breadcrumbs
    1 teaspoon salt
    2 tablespoon vegetable oil
    1 tbsp olive oil
    4 Hamburger buns
    Fresh salad vegetables

  1. Mince the onion and grind the chicken with a food processor
  2. Add the egg, breadcrumbs and salt into the food processor and blend the entire mixture
  3. Divide the mixture into 4 equal portions
  4. Shape the portions into 4 round and thin (half a inch) patties using your hand or a hamburger press
  5. Heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan to medium heat
  6. Place the patties into the frying pan and fry for about 6 minutes on one side
  7. Do not crowd the pan. Make sure each patty has ample room to sizzle
  8. Flip the patties over gently using a spatula and fry for another 6 minutes
  9. If you have a grill, drizzle some olive oil over the mushrooms and grill them for about 5 minutes. If not, use a frying pan
  10. Slice the buns in half and warm the hamburger buns if you like
  11. Assemble your burger by placing the patties over the bottom half of the bun and add the mushrooms over the patties. Top with the other cut bun
  12. Serve hot with a green salad

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