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Hamburger and Potato Casserole

If you are looking for a delicious meal for a dinner party, yet one that is easy to make and affordable, why not consider the hamburger and potato casserole, one of the most versatile and impressive dishes that you will ever encounter? Made with very few basic ingredients - you can add variety by choosing your own garnish and vegetables - that are all readily available, this luscious and very tasty dish is one of the most popular of all.

Of course, the better the hamburger meat you use the more tasty your end result will be, but what matters here is the sheer simplicity of the dish itself. You simply take the meat and brown it in a pan, spooning off the fat as it cooks its way out, and then slice the potatoes to the thickness you want them to be. Most people add onions and tomato - or tomato sauce - and some include a touch of garlic and some herbs, and the whole ensemble is slowly cooked in the oven, allowing the juices to mix and the flavors to emerge to their full extent.

This is a classic dish, one that is loved the world over, yet with personal touches - a bit of chili powder here, some added garlic there - can become a special one that is very much a signature meal. The slow cooking element is one that adds to the charm, and as you near the conclusion you should add a sprinkling of cheese on top for extra flavor and a crispy texture as it melts and browns in the oven.

Even reading about hamburger and potato casserole makes you want one, and it is so easy that all you need is the hamburger itself and a handful of vegetables. What could be better for entertaining friends or family with ease and simplicity?

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