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Hamburger Goulash

Hamburger Goulash

Hamburger Goulash

One of the great things about hamburger goulash - a wonderful American take on a classic European dish - is that it combines all the flavors that work so well with hamburger.

It is not for nothing that tomato, onions and garlic play a great part in this utterly delectable meal, as they are the flavors that bring out the very best qualities in hamburger.

Easy to make and very versatile - you can choose the herbs and spices you want to add and include your own personal touches - goulash is a fabulous dish that makes a great dinner party meal, and one that is very much a filling and hearty meal for a family.

It is also surprisingly healthy, as the trick is to brown the beef beforehand and take out most of the inherent fat that you find. Of course, the leaner meat the better, but there will always be some.

One thing that is essential to a good hamburger goulash is the inclusion of red peppers. These wonderfully spicy and flavorsome vegetables are a part and parcel of the cuisine in the area of Europe from where the original dish originates, and with good reason.

Few items add such a vibrant and impressive touch to a dish as peppers, and they really do take it to new heights. Miss out the garlic by all means, and skimp on the tomato, but do not leave the peppers out of a goulash.

With such simple recipes as hamburger goulash around it is no surprise that this popular dish - often with variations that have been passed through generations - is something of a family favorite.

Someone in your family will have a recipe to suit, and it pays to try the personal touches that make each one different. This is now part and parcel of classic American cuisine - the hamburger makes it so!

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