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Are hamburger meat recipes all the same?

Making hamburger patties can be more than just mixing any lean ground beef with basic seasoning. A little time and creativity could reward you with a yummilicious hamburger meal.

Have you noticed that most people who are shopping for cook-out supplies spent enormous amount of time picking out the cooking utensils BUT grab the closest or the least expensive ground beef packs at the meat counters?

Do most people think about the type of beef that they are buying? Is ground beef just ground beef? Let's see.

Beef Blends

Most people know that there are different beef cuts and that some are more expensive than others. Most beef cuts can be grounded which may explain why some ground beef are more expensive than others.


    A popular cut of beef used to make hamburger patties is the ground chuck. It comes from the shoulder and neck area of the cow and is typically more flavorful and fat. The fat content of meat from this area of the cow is typically 16-22%. This is sometimes referred to as the "80/20".

    Rump or Round

    Another cut comes from the rump of the cow and is where the ground round comes from. It is leaner, and its fat content is somewhere between 11-15%. This is the "85/15" and is a suitable patty to pair with bacon and cheeses. This keeps the bacon burgers and cheeseburgers from becoming overly greasy.


    Ground sirloin originates from the furthermost part of the cow's back, the area closest to the round. It is leaner than the 2 cuts mentioned with a fat content of only 5 to 10%. Also referred to as the 90/10, ground sirloin may result in a dry burger. It is more commonly used in beef recipes like bolognaise spaghetti, chilli or lasagna where more liquid is introduced. It is also the most expensive of the 3 cuts. Test this cut out with this sirloin pattie recipe.

Different beef cuts can be mixed together for grinding. Mixing can produce some complex layers of flavors. If you have a meat grinder at home, is a hamburger nut, and is game for some experimentation, try buying and grinding different cuts to see how it turns out. For example, mixing one part chunk with one part sirloin? How about mixing meat from different cow breeds.

Perhaps the method you will be using to cook up these hamburgers may influence which cuts you buy. Since the ground chunk has the most fat, it makes sense to choose this for the outdoor grill where there is going to be a lot more sizzling and smoking.

If you intend to pan fry your patties in your kitchen, choosing the round, rump or sirloin a patty with a lower fat content is better. Less splattering and cleaning up later on.

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