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Hamburger patty maker for perfectly shaped patties

Use a hamburger patty maker to create perfectly shaped and sized beef patties for your family. No more fighting over who has got the bigger patty.

Beef patties are normally shaped by hand and that's great if you are a great cook and are very good at working with small amount of ingredients. If you are preparing for a large party, then using some helpful kitchen tools like the hamburger press is really going to help.

The hamburger patty maker is a great kitchen accessory, an inexpensive tool for making hamburger patties. It reduces the effort and time used to get the same size, shape and consistency right, especially the sides.

There are different types of patty makers on the market. Some are designed for home use while others for commercial purposes. Those for home use can come with different storage boxes, parchment papers and even cook the patties at the same time. Prices range from a couple of dollars to hundreds.

There are 2 common types: mold and press. Here's the most basic versions on the marketplace.

  1. The Progressive International the Perfect Burger Press, although called a press, works actually with a patty mold which is called a base. You place a portion of meat into the base and press it down with a pusher to create the patty.

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    It come with a dimple insert with a handle which helps lift the patty out of the base. The indentation it makes in the burger helps to prevent bulging. If you do not want an indentation in your patties, your can line the base with a piece of clingwrap instead. Lift the clingwrap to remove the patty.

  2. The Norpro 507 Hamburger Press is very simple press tool. Place a ball of meat underneath the press and press down.

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    To make things neater, get some wax papers squares slightly bigger than the press. Lay a ball of patty meat on it and cover with another wax paper square. Place the burger press over and press down. Lift the press and presto! a well-formed patty ready for stacking and refrigerating.

I think both systems has pros and cons. The mold can help with measuring the portion. You scoop the meat into the mold until the indicated mark and you know how big your patty is. With the press, you need to weigh and divide your patties up and shape them into balls prior to pressing.

It can be tricky getting the patties out of the mold while the press probably don't have that problem, unless the meat sticks to the press itself. In the end, it boils down to how you like to make your patties. Buy a hamburger patty maker that suits your style and preference. Or simply use your hands.

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