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Hamburger Potato Casserole

Hamburger Potato Casserole: There are many people who insist that hamburger meat is best used for casseroles.

They give the reason that the slow cooked nature of the dish enables the full flavors to come through, and that a hamburger potato casserole is a meal that is difficult to beat. We tend to agree, which is why we have a few tips here for cooking the perfect version.

Of course, every cook will have their own way of doing things and their own take on exactly what should go in such a casserole, but the basic ingredients of all such variations will remain the same: lean hamburger meat and fresh potatoes, the former browned and with the fat removed as best possible and the latter sliced and skinned, and that is essentially it.

Where you go from there is your choice, but there are some flavors that add to the casserole with undeniably impressive results.

Mushrooms - preferably fresh and sliced although some people use mushroom soup for a little added juiciness - are a fantastic addition as are tomatoes, although the very consistency of a tomato means that adding a puree may be the better options.

Some like a touch of spiciness to their casserole and add chilies to taste, and this is very much a personal choice dictated by your own desires.

What is essential is that once you have decided on your ingredients you allow enough cooking time. A casserole is a slow cooked dish that is to be savored, not a rushed meal to be ready in no time at all, and as such should be treated with care.

One tip that we would advise is to add a layer of cheese close to the end of the cooking time - with just enough time for it to melt and brown - and you will have the perfect hamburger potato casserole, a meal that is second to none.

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