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Homemade Hamburger Helper

The great thing about hamburger meat is that it can be used for several different dishes, and that's why a homemade hamburger helper mix is such a useful recipe to have ready to hand. Using affordable and readily available ingredients you can create a range of dishes from the basic mix, and feed a family on something different every time!

What you need is to have the ingredients - bar the meat - ready in a jar for you to use as and when; these ingredients can differ, but there are some that will be standard to all different versions. Onions are difficult to store fresh for any given time so you should use onion powder or dried onion, both readily available in stores everywhere. A touch of garlic - if you wish - plus some herbs such as basil and parsley give the mix instant flavor when used, and add to the standard hamburger taste. Into the mix should also go pepper and salt - to your taste - and some dried milk. A fair amount of beef stock is also used by some people who prefer this approach.

When you have your basic homemade hamburger helper you are ready to produce - with the aid of some fine minced beef - the perfect hamburger. You can also use the mix for such varied dishes as stew or stroganoff, a variety of pasta dishes and curries or chili's, making this one of the most valuable and versatile mixes you will ever have to hand in your kitchen.

The cheap and cheerful nature of the homemade hamburger helper means that quick and affordable meals can be cooked and presented in no time at all; all you need is the meat and you have everything ready to go. It really is that easy, and can be used to make some truly delicious dishes.

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