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Krystal Burger

Krystal Burger

Krystal Burger

There is no doubt at all that the Krystal burger has become part of American cuisine folklore, a classically individual take on a standard that has established the restaurant chain from which it takes its name as a leading player in the US fast food market.

The unique selling point - the square burger on a special bun with steamed in onions - is one that appeals to anyone who wants a quick snack when out shopping or a neat and original evening meal in front of the TV. The idea for Krystal stems, oddly, from the days of the Great Depression.

Back in the early 30's the original founders reckoned that people would visit a restaurant that offered good, cheap food - hence the burgers - in a clean and healthy environment. They based their model on the older White Castle range of restaurants and began a chain that stretched across the southern states of the USA.

The popularity of the Krystal burger grew in force from then on, with the restaurants offering a wider selection of meals as customers began to look for variety.

Today, Krystal operates restaurants across the south and does not encroach onto the more northern territory of the White Castle range other than in a couple of areas, and the familiar square burger is a brand name that is as famous as any.

Available as frozen items, in packs, in many supermarkets Krystal burgers are popular for barbecues and parties and have a strong following in the student population.

With many other major fast food restaurants all offering competition these days it is a testament to the popularity of the basic, simple hamburger that so many can operate against each other in such a tightly packed market, but the public continues to love its burgers more than it ever has!

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R they frozen when shipped to the resturants NEW
by: Anonymous

R they frozen when shipped to the resturants

Spoiled Burger Meat NEW
by: Anonymous

I went to the Krystal in Jackson Ms. The meat tasted awful, actually it tasted more like spoiled ground beef. On their web site I couldn't find anything that says they have switched meats. I tried several Krystals in the Jackson tricounty area and they all tasted awful.. What has happened to the guts grenades?

No receipt NEW
by: Anonymous

Recently, I went to Krystals in Southaven, MS approximately at 11:00 p.m. Krystal burgers satify my hunger temporarily considering that there aren't any WhiteCastles around. I ordered 3 Krystals and a small fry for $4.10. I was a little shocked, but more shocked that I didn't receive a receipt. Is it customary to not give a receipt in the after hours? A receipt may be a minute problemformany, but for those who like to watch every penny (especially in this economy) and keep a tab on what is spent, it's pretty important. Besides, no one wants tofeel cheated even if it is a penny. My suggestion would be to make sure customers receive their receipt. If not, I think I'm going to save a few bucks and go to Wendy's, They give receipts and they have a dollar menu.

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