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Ranch Chicken Burger Recipe - Delicious and Juicy!

Who does not love a good burger? While the traditional burger uses beef, a lower fat version uses ground chicken. Try this ranch chicken burger on a bun with your favorite condiments and burger dressings. The recipe is also great when used with ground turkey.

Ground chicken can usually be found in most of the better grocery stores. Sometimes it is on sale at a good price. Many times it is less expensive than beef, so why not give it a try. It could quickly become your family's favorite burger.

There are several variations of the burger made from chicken available. Some of them are very good at avoiding the problems most often associated with cooking lean meats like chicken on the grill.

Because of the low fat properties of this lean meat, the patties will be very fragile. If not careful, the burgers completely fall apart on the grill. By adding a egg white that is well whipped you can glue the burger together so that it stays together on the grill.

A second problem with low fat meats is that they can become very dry. Since you do not want to feed hockey pucks to the family, you will want to take some steps to prevent over drying. You will want to use a higher heat setting than normal. In addition, go ahead and oil the grill before you cook the burger. Finally, turn the burgers only one time. Allow the patty to caramelize on one side so that it will release from the grill and remain moist.

Finally, you will want to address the flavor problem. It is not that this lean meat tastes bad, it just does not have enough fat to give it the kick of beef. There is a need for a flavor enhancer that does not hide the flavor of the meat but brings it out so that everyone can enjoy.

The following recipe meets all the above criteria. The burgers remain moist and are delicious and flavorful. They allow you to realize that you are eating chicken from a quick and easy recipe.

2 pounds ground chicken ( white meat is fine, but dark has more flavor and is less expensive)

1 egg white

1 packet ranch dressing powder

1 tsp pepper

½ tsp salt

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp garlic powder

2 small cloves garlic

1/4 cup onion

2 Tbl fresh parsley

1/2 tsp red pepper

Oil for the grill

To assemble:

8 burger buns

16 slices bacon (optional)

1/2 cup sour cream

Red leaf lettuce

Your favorite cheese such as feta or american

Add all the first ingredients other than chicken to the food processor and process on high until smooth. This should make a paste.

Place chicken in bowel, add the paste and mix well. Avoid over-mixing as it makes the meat tough.

Divide mixture into 8 portions and form the patties. Keep in the fridge until ready for use.

Prepare bacon as per package directions and keep it warm.

Set grill at just above medium. Allow plenty of time for preheating and be sure grill is well oiled to prevent sticking. The oil also helps to give those great grill marks to the patties.

Cook burgers without turning on the first side for a full seven minutes. Keep the cover of the grill closed during this time. Turn burgers only one time. The more that burgers are turned, the more likely that they will stick. Cook on the second side, covered for six minutes. Remove from grill to a platter and top with your favorite cheese, if it is being used.

Assembly-While letting burgers rest on the platter and cheese melts, toast the buns on the grill. You may want to lightly butter buns before toasting, but for a lower fat version, toast dry. Spread sour cream on warm buns (mustard and/or mayo may be used instead). Add patties and your favorite burger veggies. If using bacon, now is the time to add it.

Provide lots of napkins for these great juicy chicken burgers. Save lots of room for compliments on your chicken burger recipe.

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