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For more years than anyone of us can remember the hamburger has been a staple part of American - and worldwide - cuisine. Indeed, we know that the Salisbury steak - a derivation on the hamburger theme - has been with us since at least 1897, giving an idea of how long the original concept has been in existence. That there are so many recipes using hamburger meat or hamburgers themselves is testament to the versatility of this much favored ingredient, and the list of ways of cooking hamburger is growing all the time.

From the classic hamburger - the minced beef patties cooked with or without onions, served in a soft bun or with mash and gravy - to more spicy versions of the standard burger there is much in the way of variety. Popular options are spicy hamburgers using peppers, adding tomato or garlic for taste, the universally popular cheeseburger and more, but it is perhaps the diversity in recipes using hamburger meat that is most interesting.

From casseroles to curries via chilies and hash there is so much you can do with hamburger. It makes a perfect accompaniment to many rice dishes and is perfect for pasta - an ingredient often used to add texture - and when mixed with herbs such as basil can take on a completely different taste.

Many prefer to cook hamburger with onions and tomatoes - an Italian style of dish that can be very tasty indeed - but others find they like their hamburgers as just that, a burger, preferably cooked on an outdoor grill and absolutely delicious with tomato sauce, gravy or a touch of English mustard.

You will find many recipes using hamburger that are simple, affordable and very filling indeed, and with reduced fat from quality ground beef can also be very healthy indeed. That's the beauty of the good old hamburger - it has so many uses!

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