Best Burger Recipes

These turkey burger recipes make cooking turkey burgers less formidable

These turkey burger recipes make great burger alternatives that are low in fat and big in flavour. Cooking turkey burgers that are juicy and healthy.

Unlike ground beef, which can be easily shaped into patties and grilled or fried without losing moisture or falling apart, turkey meat demands a little extra time and preparation.

Because the meat is lean, there is little grease to keep the juices in while it cooks so turkey burgers tend to be dry and also fall apart more easily.

Ground Turkey Tacos!
A packet of ground turkey. Look how lean it is.

You can make a turkey patty juicy by doing two things:

  1. Add a small amount of diced onion or shallot to the ground meat before shaping it into patties. All the recipes listed here have either fried onion or shallots added to the patty mixture. As the onion or shallots cook, they release juices which compensate for the dryness of the turkey meat. Onion not only prevents dry turkey patties, it also adds a sweet flavour.
  2. When cooking the turkey patties in the pan or on the grill, refrain from pushing down on them with your spatula. Flip them only once. For best results, allow the patties to cook on medium heat for at least six minutes before you flip.

More often than not, turkey burgers are made from leftover turkey from Thanksgiving. This means that the meat is already cooked. Trying to bind cooked meat together into a pattie and not have it fall apart can be tricky.

Leftover turkey
What a big pile of leftover

The key to keeping turkey patties from falling apart is to mix them with egg or egg whites in addition to breadcrumbs. The egg provides the "glue" and a small amount of breadcrumbs adds a little extra filler to absorb some of the moisture from the egg.

None of the listed recipes included breadcrumbs but if you find your patties slightly wet, you might want to add some. I highly recommend panko, it is Japanese breadcrumbs.

If you want to add some oomph to your turkey burgers, try adding a clove of minced garlic and a touch of seasonings to the ground turkey before you shape it into patties. The spicy turkey patty even has fresh chopped cilantro and hot sauce.

Other possible seasonings can include oregano, parsley, or steak seasonings. Adjust the amount according to your taste.

Top your burgers with your favorite vegetables and condiments. Lettuce, tomato, pickles, relish, and cheese are good traditional choices. Try using ranch dressing or cranberry sauce instead of ketchup and mustard to spice things up. Or perhaps you would like to try some of the tomato jam made from sun-dried tomato.

Finally, with careful preparation and practice with a basic recipe, your turkey burgers may be even more popular than your hamburgers. It could be the perfect way to ramp up that typical menu at your next neighbourhood or family barbecue. At the very least, you will have some ready recipes to use up those turkey leftovers from thanksgiving.

Recipe list

  1. Basic Grilled Turkey Burger
  2. Cheese-stuffed burgers with tomato jam
  3. Homemade Burgers from Leftovers
  4. Mar-A-Lago burger
  5. Spicy Turkey Burger

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