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Veggie burger recipes - burgers without meat

The number of veggie burger recipes is increasing with a growing number of people opting not to eat meat.

Yet skeptics still ask whether there can really be such a thing as burgers without meat.

A hamburger isn't just a beef patty, it's actually a food style. Thankfully, it is such an adaptable form that it lends itself well to other types of foods besides meats. Many veggie burgers are extremely tasty.

The use of a variety of interesting ingredients for the patties in veggie burger recipes offer tastes and textures that can be as rich and diverse as any meat burger can offer.

Why veggie burgers?

There are many reasons why someone would choose a vegetarian burger over a meat one. The most obvious would be that the person is a vegetarian.

Eating hamburgers has great cultural significance. Many people serve and enjoy burgers at cook-outs and gatherings. Vegetarians can easily feel left out at such events if all the food served have meat in them. Serving them veggie burgers allow them to join in the fun and celebration.

Some people choose to eat vegetarian burgers for health reasons. Veggie patties commonly contain far less fat and cholesterol than actual meat patties, suitable for people with high cholesterol, high blood pressure or heart problems.

You don't have to make meatless burgers from scratch. Vegetarian patties are not hard to find at the store anymore. There are many different brands to choose from and they are made up of so many different ingredients. If you don't like one type, you can try another. Boca and Morning Star offer a range of meatless products and they can be quite tasty. Some people can hardly tell the difference especially when the condiments and toppings have been added.

Veggie burgers are also not difficult to cook. They can be microwaved, grilled or fried in a pan. Follow the cooking instructions included with the patties as they may need much less cooking than regular meat patties. A little attention can go a long way to making a healthy tasty meal.

Alternative patty ingredients

The use of meat substitutes such as textured vegetable protein (TVP) to make burgers is commonplace now. TVP is a soya based substance that is actually very healthy. It tastes great when made into a juicy burger with a variety of vegetables added for added taste.

One very popular TVP recipe involves the addition of chilli powder and cayenne pepper - a lovely hot and spicy mix - for a burger with a real kick. Another is to add minced onions mixed into a neatly packed patty which is then broiled slowly in a broiler pan or cooked on an outdoor grill. A vegetarian burger can use any of the ingredients that are commonly found in normal hamburgers as long as they are meatless as well. Tomato is also a popular addition to TVP burgers as is a touch of garlic.

Another popular substitute is a mixture of potato and beans. They can be so well prepared that even meat lovers enjoy them. Use black beans for the best flavor and make sure you add a touch of garlic and some salt and pepper, and you have a perfect spicy flavor with a wonderful texture.

How about burgers made with mushrooms or eggplants? Portobello mushrooms are meaty and earthy. Season them with salt and some spices, drizzle generously with olive oil and grill the caps whole.

Firm tofu is another great alternative. It is a popular ingredient in asian vegetarian dishes. It just takes a little imagination to turn it into a burger.

New ingredients are constantly popping up. Keep an open mind and experiment away.

Some veggie burger recipes to get you started

  1. Portabella Mushroom Burger
  2. Veggie burger recipe with toasted almonds and firm tofu
  3. Vegetarian burger recipe with cottage cheese and potato

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